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    Big Data/Data Mining

    Do you want to improve your revenue and profits by more than 5%?
    Precise results to plan and control your product range
    Let us innovate your business through your data

    "Think in Higher Dimensions"

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Generate credit scorings with a precision of more than 90%
    Accomplish an effective debt management
    Prioritize your publicity costs with our algorithms

    "Think in Higher Dimensions"

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    Machine Learning

    Use our automatic benchmarking to know your ranking in the market
    Predict the profitability of your business
    Modernize the segmentation of your clients to provide a better service

    "Think in Higher Dimensions"

"Half of the money you spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is that you don't know it. But we do. And we even know which half."


Big Data

Big Data

Data Mining
Social Media Analysis (Facebook, Twitter)
Business Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Credit Scoring
Risk Management
Debt Management
Analytical Marketing
Churn Management

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Advanced Algorithms
Neural Networks
Deep Learning
Dynamic Pricing

Text Mining

Text Mining

Sentiment Analysis
Topic Mining



Rich Internet App based on Open-Source Javascript Libraries, data exchange with the backend via Ajax, Desktop & Mobile Devices (Responsive Webdesign)


ML-Datacube (integration of Relational- or NoSQL-Databases) and / or special created or trained Models

Ensemble Models, Bagging, Stacked Neural Networks (Deep Learning) with R, Python, Tensorflow and Keras

Big Data

Parallel Processing of immense amounts of data with Apache Hadoop & Spark Clusters via Map-Reduce

Integration in your Business-Apps via REST-Service

Fully control of your Enterprise Information with our SSL Encyripted Certificate and Master User Account

Ensure a 24/7 technical support assistance up to a 2 hour guaranteed recovery

Simplifying your Strategy

Define Niches, Market Shifts, Customer Sentiments and Brand Awareness Interactive Features

Campaign Support

Measure your Campaign-Effectiveness supported by Real-Time Sentiment Analysis

Customer Insights

Understand Customer Needs, Likes and Preferences with tailored Reports and visualize your Marketing Expenditure

Web and Data Analysis

Deliver tangible evidence to improve and penetrate New Markets Trends
Webcrawler for Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) and Extraction of Metadata (MLBot)

Brand awareness

Heighten your senses based on your Data and create top resourceful Marketing Strategies

Optimize Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Integrate your Business Administrative and Operational Roles by synchronizing results and compare them to Real-Time Market Shifts

Support, Manage and Reduce Enterprise Risks

Define your Time Frames to mitigate Risks in and outside your company. Save time and money with our user friendly fully integrated Internet Platform

Credit Scoring

Decision Trees for COBIS Integration, Random Forrest Classifiers and Stacked Neural Networks (Autoencoders, Restricted Boltzmann Machines, Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTMs)

Security und Cash Management

Advanced Models for assessing market liquidity, cash flow, and investments

Get to know from up close

Familiarize to your staff and excel their skills and attributes through their performance

Gaze upon real-time results

Measure your group and individual Performance along with your multiple financial and managerial Forecasts (ARIMA-Models, RNNs)

Reach Customer Satisfaction

Meet and follow your customer Preferences within your enterprise Data Report Analysis

Optimize Day-to-Day Performance

Encourage individual learning plans and reduce employee turnover

Supervise your Staff, control new Benefits and reduce Labor Costs

Encourage clear Teamwork Goals with reliable easy-to-read Report Schemes

Big Data Process

Business problem

Identification and Determination of a Business Case with the intention to generate a competitive advantage


Selection of the data, Data Profiling, Data Centralization, Data Transformation


Selection and Training of the model


Interpretation and adjustment of the model


Application in the infrastructure of the company

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